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The Carnoustie Golf Club has a long and proud history.

Formally constituted in 1842 – although the records show that the club existed for a number of years before this date.


Members of the early Carnoustie Golf Club met in various “Howffs” (inns or taverns) in the town with “Ferriers Inn” (now the 19th Hole) being the most popular gathering place for interested golfers.


These early gatherings probably led naturally to the formation of a golfing society or Club with the aim of supporting and encouraging the game and in running competitions.


In 1898 a decision was taken by Club members to build our current Clubhouse on Links Parade adjacent to the Championship Course.


Since that time the building has seen considerable development and alteration, to become the comfortable and well- appointed Clubhouse it is today.


This makes Carnoustie one of the ten oldest Golf Clubs in the world – and gives the club a unique position in world golfing history.


The first real golf course at Carnoustie was planned and laid out by Robert Chambers, a publisher from Edinburgh, in the early 1830s.


But it was Alan Robertson of St Andrews who, in 1850, designed the basics of the course we know today. Old Tom Morris redesigned and extended it to a full 18 holes in the early 1870s, and James Braid put his stamp on Carnoustie in 1926.


Though the members were essentially happy with Braid’s vision of Carnoustie, it was felt by many that, for all its redesigns and renovations, something was still lacking – the finish was “weak.” And so, just in time for the 1937 Open Championship, the final three holes at Carnoustie were redesigned by James Wright, an accountant with a business in Dundee,  and also chairman of the Links Committee from 1926-’37. Today, Wright is credited with having produced the “toughest finishing stretch in golf,” and Carnoustie has taken her rightful place among the venerable old ladies of Scottish golf.


Today golfers can also enjoy high quality golf on the Burnside and Buddon Links courses , both providing a high quality alternative to the Championship layout .

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